Is a Bigger Podcast Really Better?

I've worked with more than a few musicians who had the goal to "play stadiums." In other words, they wanted 50,000 people in the audience.

That's not a bad goal, but the reality is that most musicians are never going to get there, because it takes a lot of work and even more good luck. It's much more common (and doable) for musicians to play clubs and theaters with hundreds of people per night, maybe a couple of thousand.

Imagine that – pulling up to a new city each night, playing for 1000-1500 people each time.

It's not a bad life. Yet nobody talks about that goal.

Many podcasters have a similar dream ...

I'm not one to tell you to play small, but from my experience, most podcasters would do well to push back on their dreams of having "the next big podcast" and, instead, focus on what they want their podcasts to do for them.

For example, if you want money, there are plenty of ways to earn a lot of it, even with a moderately successful podcast. And in this issue of Big Podcast Insider, I talk about how you can get the most money from the podcast you already have, even if you have a small audience.

And if you want to grow your audience, I also talk about how to get more subscribers in this issue.

The irony is, when you do a lot with the audience you have, you'll find that that audience expands. Maybe not to the "#1 on Apple Podcasts" or "million-dollar contract with Netflix" level, but more than enough for you to positively affect people with your message while earning enough money to provide for yourself and your family.

Need help making this happen? Reach out to me.

Need a little motivation? (Try the new audiobook from Steven Pressfield.)

Need a template to follow? This has 101 of them ...

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