A Big Black Man in a World of Skinny White Women

André Leon Talley was a stylist, fashion journalist, and editor-at-large of Vogue magazine.

He was 6'6" and a very big man, who made it in an industry full of people who looked nothing like him.

And after he "made it," he changed it, so people who did look like him would have more opportunities. Much of the diversity we see in fashion today is because of his work.

He said this about his industry:

"You cannot live your life in the elitist world of fashion and not step out or you're disconnected. You have to realize that fashion is not the endgame."

I feel the same way about podcasting. Especially right now, with so many "What's Hot" lists and "New Year Predictions" being released.

What kind of world are these people living in? And what kind of world are we living in if we follow this advice without questioning it?

André Leon Talley didn't become a legend in his industry by following trends—he set trends. And, using fashion, he created the world he wanted to see.

We can do the same with podcasting.

This year, are you going to follow what somebody says is "hot" in podcasting or decide that for yourself? Are you going to do the podcast that lights you up or chase trends?

What would André do?

David @ Big Podcast

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