The 1-Star Review

Let's get real about reviews ... good and bad.

The bad ones hurt, but here's something for you to consider the next time one comes through ...

Bad reviews can actually help your podcast.

It's the "bad" reviews that provide contrast to the good ones. Too many good reviews and they'll work against you, because people assume they're fake. Even a single review that's critical of your podcast lets people know the reviewing system is working.

If you do get a bad review, never do this ...

Don't argue with the person who left the review. Don't try to convince anybody of something else.

Apologize if you need to, then analyze the critique without being emotional and make changes if needed. But don't let a critical review keep you from delivering the content you want to deliver, how you want to deliver it—your podcast isn't for everybody.

Got a "bad review" story? I'm putting together an episode about reviews and would love to hear it ... Reach out to me via Mastodon, Bluesky, or Threads.

A challenge for you ... If you like a podcast, leave a positive review. Apple Podcasts is the top destination for this, but Podchaser is another great option.

David @ Big Podcast

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