Will AI Replace Podcasters?

Will AI take away audio editing jobs? Find out.

Are AI hosts and "custom podcasts" the future of podcasting? No, but ...

These are a just a couple of questions that audio producer Shrikant Joshi has been pondering this week. If you're interested in the future of podcasting and general podcast production, I highly recommend you follow him.

Did you know AI can do full songs now? I just made a "radio jingle" for Big Podcast, complete with a cheesy tagline.

Listen to it now.

A Question for You ...

How are you using AI in your podcast production? One good option letting a tool like Voicenotes (try it free) to help do episode outlines.

Have you seen my short podcast marketing tips at Big Podcast Extra? I write them, but all the graphics are AI generated.

I want to know how you're using AI for your podcast. Reach out to me via Mastodon, Bluesky, or Threads.

As far as AI replacing us ... that's not going to happen. Yes, things are changing and they'll continue to change, but it's the people that make podcasting what it is—people come to us for real connection and that will never be replaced by a computer.

David @ Big Podcast

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