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I've used this keyboard for the last 20 years to write several books (two of them are good), convince my wife to date me, and who knows what else. I used it so much many of the keys didn't have letters on them.

There was 20 years of funk under the keys, so I tried to clean it this week. Unfortunately, it didn't make it through the process.

This keyboard isn't made anymore, but I found a used one in good condition on eBay for only $30, so I'm hopefully good for another 20 years.

As podcasters, we often get caught up in having "nice" equipment, but your equipment isn't nearly as important as YOU when it comes to your podcast.

This issue of Big Podcast Insider is all about making YOU a better podcaster, regardless of your equipment.

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How To Improve Your Podcast Hosting – My #1 "Trick"

Jane Cullen from Cleveland wrote me this week and asked, "What the best way to feel more comfortable behind the mic?"

The short answer is "hair of the dog." If you're not comfortable behind the mic, you'll get more comfortable on the mic by diving into that discomfort and spending even more time behind the mic.

If you lookup an established podcaster in a database like Podchaser, here is my listing, for example, you'll notice many with hundreds of even thousands of episodes under their belts. And that takes time...

The good news is that anybody can use an app like Anchor to practice their hosting skills. You can do this anonymously and nobody has to hear you unless you want them to. But you do need to actually record an episode, not just think or read about it, if you want to get better. You don't need more "theory," you want results. :)

My suggestion is to record yourself doing two things daily:

  1. Read aloud (it doesn't matter what)
  2. Answer a random question (search "Toastmasters Table Topics" and you'll find thousands of them)

Take chances. Remember, nobody has to hear this. You can release something under an alias, if it makes you feel more comfortable.

But do it daily. Time behind the mic is what makes average podcasters great.

Want a 30-day plan on what to record? Try my free 30-Day Solo Podcast Challenge.

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