Other "media" has a lot to teach podcasters. Are you listening?

Other "media" has a lot to teach podcasters. I did a series of articles about what podcasters can learn from broadcast radio on my podcasting blog, but we really need to look beyond just broadcast radio if we want to maximize our impact, listenership, and income.

Some examples:

You've probably heard of the online newsletter, Morning Brew, which uses direct referrals by readers to grow. And it's working – they have 3,500,000 subscribers!

You've seen the teasers for television news, which tease what's coming, rather than give the whole story. This is SO EASY to do for your podcast and you can find many example of this on the Big Podcast Instagram page.

Many magazine "subscribers" aren't actually paying for those subscriptions, but those free issues boost ad revenue. They can also be used to get publicity... For example, every month, Hustler is mailed, uninvited and for free, to each member of the United States Congress.

Consider how you can "borrow" marketing strategies from other types of media as you read this issue of Big Podcast Insider.

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