How Low (Budget) Can You Go?

There are two types of podcasters:

  1. Podcasters who try to do everything for free.
  2. Podcasters who spend a ton of money, thinking "expensive = better."

The best (and most successful) podcasters are somewhere in the middle, but you can easily spend your money in the wrong place. I recorded the Big Podcast audiobook in a closet studio with just $500 of equipment and it sounds great, but I also know a podcaster who spent $30,000 only to end up with a dozen episodes that sounded like an old school police scanner.

Great content won't save bad audio.

We're in a crazy time right now, so I'm dedicating this issue to low-cost and no-cost options for you to make your podcast sound better. I've put together a "low-budget podcasting plan" that will show you how to get a broadcast-quality podcast for under $100 and I've got a guy who will personally work with you to make your mic sound its best for as little as $10.

If I can do anything for you, reach out to me via Twitter.

I hope you're finishing out a great week and staying healthy!

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