Where the Podcast Money Is ...

Aside from selling your own products or services, the main ways podcasts make money are via advertising and sponsorship or exclusive deals.

This issue talks about both. And, as always, there's even more commentary on the audio version.

People ask me all the time, "How do I get a contract with a company like Spotify?" And there are two ways:

  1. You have an existing podcast with a big audience.
  2. You have an existing big audience and Spotify thinks that will transfer to a new podcast they produce.

The #2 reason doesn't always work out, which is why this podcast has been a huge bomb so far. The #1 reason is far more successful for people wanting big money, so do what you can to focus on the listeners you can get now – it will give you a lot of leverage should you want to negotiate an exclusive deal.

You don't need a deal with Spotify (or any other major platform) to do well with your podcast. But you do need listeners. Also in this issue, I've got a great opportunity with On Air Fest to help you get more of them. And also some opportunities to earn money with the podcast you have now.

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