Music Makes Good Podcasts Great

As you may know, my background is in the music business. What you may not know is I spent years licensing music to television shows and films, working with companies like Universal Pictures, Viacom, and ESPN to get the best music possible for shows/films.

Music makes a "scene" happen. And it makes a podcast happen.

Imagine being in a hotel elevator, going from your 12th-floor room to the open-air hotel lobby...

The elevator doors open and you hear music.

What kind of music? That would depend on whether the hotel is in Miami, Kingston, Honolulu, New Orleans, or Paris. And it would change the whole vibe of everything else...

The same is true for your podcast. The right music makes a good podcast great.

In this issue, I'm sharing some of my favorite places to get legal music to use in your podcast, much of it free. And also sound effects.

Have any questions or want me to review the music you select? Send me a message via Twitter.

David @ Big Podcast

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