"Making things slowly on purpose, imperfect without apology."

I saw this quote on an Instagram bio a couple of days ago and it got me thinking...

2020 was the perfect year for us to slow down and refocus our lives on quality, not quantity. And personally, I want to continue that in 2021 and beyond.

For example, my next book on podcasting is coming out – that's several months of work so far. And I'm being more deliberate and intentional when it comes to the podcasts I'm making, focusing on quality, not quantity.

Consider this when it comes to the work that you're doing. It's easy to hire somebody on Fiverr to chop up a podcast and come up with "100 pieces of content" (or whatever), but wouldn't it be more valuable to have one piece of great content that connects with people, empowers them, and changes lives?

That's possible with podcasting.

But it takes time. And it takes energy. And it can be hard work, even when you like it.

Like we learned in 2020, changing how we do things, like going from live events to virtual ones, doesn't mean what we did before will disappear. It's actually just the opposite – new ways of doing things add to the old ways of doing things.

Radio didn't die when television came along – radio changed...and then it got even bigger.

So in this issue, I've got some old school "churn and burn" options for you too, if you want to create a lot of content quickly, because this will actually help you with your "slow content."

I encourage you to go both fast and slow this year. It will be worth it.

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