"You've got to pay if you want to play ..."

I was renting a tux to attend a bougie music industry event and this was the advice from the guy who was fitting me. And I guess it's somewhat true.

I say somewhat, because it depends what you mean by the word "pay."

I've got a meme at the very bottom of this issue that sums it up. Basically, if you want to have a great podcast, you do need to "invest" in it, but 99% of that investment is going to be the work you do, not money – things like working on your hosting, improving your interviewing ability, learning how to record yourself well ...

Don't confuse consumption, like "buying a bunch of gear," with actually doing the work that it takes to make you and your podcast better – these are two completely different things.

With this said, welcome to the "Black Friday Issue" of Big Podcast Insider. In this issue, I've got some great deals for hardware and software that, when you spend money on them, will help you create a better podcast and grow your audience.

But only if you use what you get. :)

Hope you're having a great Thanksgiving weekend. I'll see you next week with another "normal" issue that's 100% about marketing your podcast!

David @ Big Podcast

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