Should podcasters worry about the rise of AI audio tools?

I've had more than a few people ask me about the rise of AI tools in podcasting, such as Nichesss for writing content, Voicely (text to speech) for voicing content, and Headliner's Eddy tool for audio editing without having to learn complicated software like ProTools or Adobe Audition.

In short, people are worried about being replaced by technology.

Don't worry just yet. Look at these "podcaster" images (generated by AI) to see why.

Basically, AI just isn't there yet.

But it's coming ... For example, this list of "goals for podcasters" was generated by AI.

My advice: use the tools you have available, but don't count on them to replace the work you can do (or should be doing). For example, you can clean up "bad audio" recorded with AirPods, but it's much easier and ultimately better to get a better recording using a quality microphone.

I've got more thoughts on how to improve your podcasting skillset in this issue of Big Podcast Insider ... If you have any questions, or if I can help you make your podcasting goals happen, reach out to me via Twitter or Mastodon.

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