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As I was finalizing this issue of Big Podcast Insider, I got a message that Lisa Marie Presley had died.

I didn't know her, but we did spend a couple of hours together to do an episode of Music Business Radio.

She was very sweet, and I don't want to take away from that, but the thing I remember most about my interview with her was that it was the only interview I've ever done (out of hundreds) where I agreed not to ask about certain topics.

They were:

  1. Her marriage to Michael Jackson
  2. Something else, which I'm not going to mention here, that involved her relationship with a family member

Skipping Michael Jackson questions was easy. I love his music, but felt the marriage story was more about "celebrity gossip" than anything of substance.

The other was somewhat newsworthy, but since it could negatively affect her personal life, I didn't want to get involved. She was doing everything right, in my opinion, and I wanted to assist that, or at least stay neutral, not hinder it.

In general, I believe in asking the questions your listeners want to know, but I think it's also important that we keep in mind that our guests are real people, not nameless, faceless "celebrities" or pawns in our desire for downloads or ratings.

This is important to consider when doing an interview, but also something important to consider is that the people we want to interview won't be around forever.

I missed Kenny Rogers, thinking I'd be able to get to him later. I've missed a few people ... because there's no "later" once somebody is gone.

It's not just celebrities or other "guests" that we can miss out on. Maybe it's sitting down with your mother to get her story. Or talking with your next door neighbor, who has lived in your neighborhood for 50 years, about the history of the street you live on.

Regardless of who it is, get the tape now. You will regret it if you don't.

I'll have more thoughts in the audio edition of this issue coming soon ... make sure you don't miss it.

David @ Big Podcast

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