Meet the New Year, Same as the Old Year

As podcast hosts, we're used to asking questions. But how many times do we ask ourselves questions?

The seven questions below are a great way to review what happened with you in 2022 and plan for the year ahead. Depending on the format of your podcast, answering them, or having listeners answer them, may make a great episode.

  1. What did I change my mind on last year?
  2. What created energy last year?
  3. What drained energy last year?
  4. Who were the boat anchors in my life?
  5. What did I not do because of fear?
  6. What were my greatest hits and misses?
  7. What did I learn last year?

As I mentioned in the previous issue of Big Podcast Insider, I'm working on a few new projects to help you "go big" with your podcast in 2023. The first one will help you improve your hosting and that will launch within the next week or so.

It's free, by the way.

More coming. Stay tuned ...

David @ Big Podcast

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