Welcome to the Arena

I had an interesting social media experience earlier this week. I had a two-sentence Tweet that was seen over 900,000 times within 24 hours.

How it happened ...

I responded to a conservative broadcaster, giving pushback to a hateful and discriminatory comment. He immediately retweeted my comment and the pile-on from his followers began ... I was tagged in hundreds of messages, most of them nothing more than name-calling.

This is why people, podcasters included, don't speak up. And I get it – the "internet" can be mean and we often forget that there are living, breathing people behind the messages we see.

The next day, my message was still getting views and I got another couple hundred "mean" messages.

But while scrolling through them to make sure I didn't miss any important messages being sent to me, I noticed something interesting ... I wasn't the only one pushing back against what was said.

The Snowflake Echo Chamber

It's easy to look at Twitter, or YouTube comments, or wherever, and be scared off by the volume of noise from angry and hateful people who seemingly live there. I can't blame somebody for not wanting to jump into that arena.

But when it comes to your podcast, I hope you don't let the numskulls keep you from speaking your truth.

There are people waiting for your message.

Copy that sentence and print it out ... maybe even a few copies. And tape it where you will see it.

Want help getting your message out? That's what this issue of Big Podcast Insider is about. And if you want more help, reach out to me.

David @ Big Podcast

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