Podcasting vs. YouTube

"Podcasting has a discovery problem."

This is the argument many people make for putting their audio-only podcasts on YouTube. Or switching from audio-only podcasts to video-first content.

Do what you want – my goal with Big Podcast Insider, even though "podcast" is in the name, is to help you get your message out in any way that works for you.

But understand that audio-only podcasts and videos on YouTube are two different things ...

Audio-only podcasts beat YouTube videos when it comes to:

  1. Portability
  2. Intimacy
  3. Anonymity

You can't drive your car, at least not safely, while watching a YouTube video. You can't go on a walk, or mow your lawn, while watching a YouTube video. But you can listen to podcasts.

Podcasts, because most people listen alone or via headphones, feel intimate. This is definitely helpful when it comes to you building a relationship with listeners.

And podcasts, at least when you listen through headphones, are consumed anonymously – nobody around you knows what you're listening to. That's a huge benefit, because people don't want their coworkers, or the other people around them up in their business.

If people are looking for your topic, they'll be able to find your audio-only podcast. And don't you want listeners who are really into your topic and willing to search for it, as opposed to people who casually clicked on a video because it was by YouTube's algorithm?

Something to think about.

David @ Big Podcast

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