The Flip - An Opportunity for You

Do you know how much it cost to broadcast via radio in the United States?

The FCC application fees are just the start – you also need a lot of expensive equipment. And this is assuming there's an available frequency for you to use.

Podcasting is just the opposite in a lot of ways. Free hosting via Anchor, free software to record yourself (Audacity), and a $70 mic and you're good to go – you don't need a lot of money and you don't need permission.

This is what I call "The Flip" – taking something done one way and hijacking it to make it work for you.

And it works with the content you produce too ...

What "The Flip" Looks Like

Negro Terror was a Memphis band. Their song, "Voice of Memphis", recently resurfaced due to the murder of Tyre Nichols.

If you didn't know any better, you'd probably take the song at face value – hard, fast, and in-your-face "punk" music.

But "Voice of Memphis" is actually a modified version of a song by one of the most popular "white power" bands ever. Negro Terror (there's also a story behind the band's name) took their song about hate and made it a song about empowerment in diversity.

An Opportunity for You

See something you don't like? Make it work for you – that's the foundation of "the flip." For example, I've seen more than a couple podcasters take negative reviews and turn them into selling points.

Here's an example of how a retail store did this.

Want more? I go deep on the audio edition.

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