Doctor vs. Podcaster

A friend of mine had an appointment with a doctor last week and was telling me about the experience ...

"She wasn't listening to me," she told me. "So I just stopped talking."

Unfortunately, this is a very common situation. How common?

A study published in the Journal of General Internal Medicine evaluating how doctors interact with patients found that, on average, doctors only spend 11 seconds listening to a patient before interrupting. In fact, many doctors don't even ask patients why they came to the office that day.

Unfortunately, I hear a lot of podcasts that have a similar issue – with both guests and hosts.


  1. Inexperience and lack of communication skills – they simply don't know better (or are nervous)
  2. The "guilty party" isn't wearing headphones during a remote interview and isn't able to hear other people
  3. Hosts don't trust their ability to control an interview and guests don't trust their ability to get their messages out

Regardless, somebody doesn't "feel heard" on a podcast, that person stops talking. And experienced guests will stop talking when the host starts talking, because experienced guests allow a host to be in control.

Whatever the reason, if you want a great podcast, as a host, you need to let guests talk.

With this said, there are times when you need to talk. One of those times is when you're promoting your podcast ... More on that in this issue of Big Podcast Insider.

David @ Big Podcast

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