The Good, Bad, and Ugly of "AI Podcasting"

I just watched a presentation about "the future of podcasting." Part of it was guy coming up with an episode script, episode notes, a script for a promo video on Instagram and TikTok, and various one-liners for Twitter.

It sounds great in theory, but it wasn't something that would actually work in the real world.

Don't get me wrong. I love AI tools for podcasters. I'm a huge fan of both Castmagic and Swell AI for post-production work and ChatGPT is great for helping with pre-episode research.

But if you think "AI" is going to get you out of doing the work necessary to produce a great podcast, you're mistaken. If anything, using AI tools actually adds to your workload.

The problem is that AI output, the "content" it delivers to you, is boring – it lacks the personality you bring to your podcast.

But this is a great opportunity for you.

With more and more podcasters trying to shortcut things by using AI (and getting "boring" content), this is your opportunity to step things up as far as bringing personality to what you do.

Keep reading for more thoughts on how to best use AI tools for your podcast ...

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