"Unknown" or Superstar? Maybe both ...

I used to take guitar lessons from the dude in Kool & the Gang. If you don't know that name, you'll know this song.

These guys were a HUGE act in the 80s, but by the 90s, they'd been around for 30 years and weren't touring like they did in the early days.

However ... they were (and still are) considered legends in Africa – they'd play stadiums of 30,000 people. I'd come in for a lesson ... "We just got back from Africa."

This was a huge lesson for me, more than anything I learned on guitar – the world is a big place and there's a lot of opportunity. And even if you're "unknown" in one place, you can be a superstar elsewhere.

Today, we have even more opportunities to do well in niche and certain geographic markets. And also different social media platforms, using specialized marketing for each.

More details on how to make that happen below ...

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