Apple Who?

When I was 12, a friend of mine got one of the very first Macs ... free.

His father was a copywriter who worked on the early ad campaigns. Apple wanted him to know and understand the computer he was trying to sell.

It had 128k RAM and everybody else had to pay $2495 ... in 1984. That would be around $7000 today.

Being in music, I used Macs (we called them Macintosh back then) throughout school and beyond. Everybody in the creative business had them.

But nobody outside of the creative business did. Apple only had about 10% of the general market and, beyond music and word processors, there weren't a lot of software options – most titles were Windows-only.

Fast-forward to today ...

Go to your local hipster coffee shop and everybody is on a Mac. And Apple dominates podcasting.

Which is why I bring this up ...

Things change. And Apple doesn't dominate podcasting outside the United States, where only 30.44% of the smartphones are iPhones.

Which means 69.66% of potential podcast listeners can't access Apple Podcasts.

Are you neglecting these people? If so, I suggest you rethink your strategy.

How? Set up a mobile-first page like this one, with an option for not only iPhone users, but also Android devices.

And make sure you know where to submit your podcast (in additional to Apple Podcasts).

David @ Big Podcast

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