The Anti-Social (Media) Podcaster

There's something that's been especially obvious over the last couple of weeks, with the decline of Twitter (or whatever it's called now) and the rise of Threads.

We are done with social media.

Obviously not everybody. For example, there are a few "gurus and influencers" trying to hang on for dear life, because that's where they've built their reach and authority.

But, more or less, we are done. And it's time to go outside and touch grass again.

This is great news for podcasters. If you're not taking advantage of the post-pandemic and post-social urge that people are having to get together with like-minded people, you are missing a huge opportunity.

My challenge for you ...

Do a "meetup" in the next couple of weeks. Seriously, go to or and setup a casual get-together related to the topic of your podcast.

For example, if you podcast about guitars, set up a "Guitar Meetup" at the local coffee shop and get together with a few other people who are also into guitars. Or coin collecting, or vegetarian cooking, whatever you podcast about.

Seriously. Set it up now and send me a link via Threads, Bluesky, or Mastodon to let me know what you're doing.

Yes, I see the irony in that. But I've got something special I want to give you that will help you build your live events (and your podcast) into something big.

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