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My wife wrote a novel. And that's had me thinking about what writers call "world building."

What writers, filmmakers, and television producers do to create their work is very similar to what we do (or what we should be doing) as podcasters, even those of us with interview-format or other non-fiction podcasts.

In short, world building is the process of creating a fictional world. This includes its history, geography, and cultures. It can be as simple as creating a new setting for a story or as complex as creating an entire universe.

In the Big Podcast book, I talk about having a lexicon – a vocabulary just for "insiders."

That's world building.

Your belief system is world building. Your "stake in the ground" (the flag you fly) is world building. Your music and attitude you bring are world building.

Music is a huge way to do this, by the way. This is one of the reasons companies pay big money to use certain songs in their ads. And I've got a great example of how this works in the "Disney David" video linked in the "Podcasting Deals" section.

Bottom line ... World building is what separates your podcast on [INSERT TOPIC HERE] from all the other podcasts that talk about the same thing.

Is your "world" obvious to first-time listeners? If not, this is something you need to look at.

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