Don't Make This So Complicated!

I was at a meetup for authors recently and the guy I was talking to asked me the type of books I wrote. I mentioned my book, Big Podcast.

Then he asked me some questions about podcasting.

Like a lot of people, he'd thought of starting one, but hadn't yet. And, like a lot of people, he was making the process way more complicated in his head than it actually is.

He told me he has a spreadsheet!

But he hasn't done a couple of things ... actually picked up a mic and spoken into it.

When it comes to podcasting, like most things, you're going to learn a lot more by jumping in than by thinking about it.

So if you're reading this, thinking "I should start a podcast," maybe you need to look at why you haven't.

By the way, I haven't "officially" announced this yet, although I did email a few people about it a couple of days ago ...

I want to make "editing" easier for people who are getting stuck on that part of the podcasting process. If that's you, reach out and let me know what kind of editing you need.

I'm putting together something with some radio friends to get independent podcasters broadcast-quality editing at an "indie" rate. If you want to step up your audio quality, this will do it. And it's likely less than you're paying for editing now.

The downside? There is very little availability.

I expect to take the first handful of people the first week of October. If you want to talk more about it, reach out and let me know what kind of editing you need.

David @ Big Podcast

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