Your #1 Job as a Podcaster

I got into radio because of my work in the music business, which for a few years was running a record label.

I was in my 20s and passionate about music. And I made the assumption that everybody felt that way.

That assumption was wrong.

Needless to say, I got kicked in the teeth more than a few times when releasing albums or promoting live shows. And there were definitely days when it felt like nobody cared.

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For now, let's talk about "the big lesson" that I've learned from basically being ignored – this will help you with your podcast.

Not everybody will care. But people are watching you and, if you keep showing up, a lot of those people will eventually join you.

Not everybody, but enough to make this worth your while.

Your job is to show up. Then keep showing up. When you do that, the rest falls into place.

Your job is not to convince people or otherwise "force" them to like what you do. Get the audio version of this newsletter for stories of this also.

Do your thing and invite people to come along.

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