Famous Guests are Overrated

In Issue 148 of Big Podcast Insider, I mentioned getting a call about doing an interview with the #1 person on my "Dream Guest" list, Dolly Parton.

If you're curious about hearing my interview with her as well as the before-interview and after-interview conversations with my producer, you can listen here.


  • how I crowdsourced pre-interview prep
  • why a short interview is more challenging than a long one
  • a big list of things that I was worried about (and everything that can go wrong during an interview)
  • options to turn a short interview into a longer, full episode
  • how to ask for what you want during an interview

A couple of thoughts re: your interviews ...

I had a well-known podcaster mention to me that he'd like to interview "famous people." I get that, because it's easy to feel like "fame" of a guest may rub off on us, get more attention for our podcasts, etc.

But "fame" isn't the #1 thing you should be thinking about when booking guests – you want to consider what will be interesting to your audience. Most of the time, especially for non-fiction podcasts, listeners are far more interested in hearing something helpful, regardless of who it comes from, than hearing from somebody they could find any number of places other than your podcast.

For example, let's say you're in the "entrepreneur" market ... Do we really need another interview with Elon Musk, Gary Vaynerchuk, or Tim Ferriss?


Your interview with one of them, maybe. And that's the point ... If you're listening to my inteview with Dolly Parton, it's because of my involvement with it, not hers.

Same for you, your guests, and the listeners of your podcast.

Yes, "famous guests" are overrated – it's the host who makes the difference in podcasting.

David @ Big Podcast

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