Live Fast, Die Fast

A couple of months ago, a new social network started to gain momentum. With so much chaos in that world, people were excited about a "kinder, safer, public square."

Next week, it's shutting down.

"Community" is volatile, whether it's something online or the neighborhood you live in. One day you've got a hot nightclub, active church, or popular restaurant ... the next day you've got nothing.

One person leaves, other people follow, and the "momentum" builds from there. And once it's in motion, it's hard to turn it around.

It can happen to your podcast audience.

Here's a secret ...

To keep listeners engaged, it's good to change up what you're doing. Nobody wants to listen to the same episode over and over again.

But it's risky to change things ... because people also resist change.

So what do you do?

One good option is to test changes you want to make to your podcast before you go live with them. And a good option to do this is NaPodPoMo.

I've got more information below.

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David @ Big Podcast

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