Before You Spend All Your Money on New Podcasting Stuff ...

Today is Black Friday in the United States, which means "the holiday shopping season" is on!!

There are some significant discounts and promotions on podcasting tools right now and it's easy to overextend yourself, so let me be the voice of reason and say ...

You don't need any of this stuff.

Yeah, it's nice to have. And these things will arguably help you get more listeners to your podcast, make your podcast production smoother, and improve the sound of your podcast ...

But you don't need any of it.

This is a buzzkill, I know, but here's the big upside ...

You are the reason your podcast succeeds or fails – not your mic, not post-production effects, and not any of the "tools" mentioned here. That's empowering, but also scary, since this belief kills the excuses we use for why our podcasts may not do well.

Both the problem and the solution is you.

David @ Big Podcast

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