Why Podcast During the Holiday Season?

I talked to a podcaster earlier this week who had a question about releasing episodes over the holiday season – Thanksgiving (US), Christmas, and New Year's Day specifically.

If you feel like you need to take a break from your podcasting schedule, a holiday is a great reason to do so. But keep in mind that:

  1. Not everybody is where you are.
  2. Not everybody celebrates every holiday.
  3. Podcasts are time-shifted and can be listened to at any time, even if you release one on a holiday.
  4. People often travel during holiday periods and have extra time to listen to podcasts.
  5. People are often lonely during holiday periods will find a new episode of your podcast extra helpful in combating this.
  6. Because so many podcasters don't release new episodes over holiday periods, you'll have less competition for your podcast.
  7. Those who receive new "podcast-listening" devices, such as mobile phones and media players, will be actively looking for new content to listen to and new episodes during this period will help you take advantage of this momentum.

Overall, releasing a podcast on a holiday can be a strategic move that enhances the podcasting experience for both podcasters and listeners, fostering engagement and connection in a unique way.

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David @ Big Podcast

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