A Podcasting Lesson from My Dog Trainer

This is Sable. She was a stray, living on the street in a small town with fewer than 500 people, hanging out at a "country store" during the day and living off scraps of sausage biscuits that customers would give her.

That was last month. Today, she lives with me and my wife. And she loves my wife so much that she's developed separation anxiety.

We hired a dog trainer to figure out the best way to help her feel secure, even when she's alone.

This guy is good—he's all about positive reinforcement. And yesterday he said something that made me think of podcasting ...

"When she does something good," he told, "you've got to reward her immediately."

Obvious, I know. But are you doing this with your listeners?

I'm going to dive deeper into this concept and ways to do it on the audio version of this newsletter, but for now, let me give you one thing you can put into action today ...

When somebody signs up for your mailing list, immediately send a message that says:

  1. You've made the right decision.
  2. While you wait on the next episode, here's one you should listen to right now.

And before you tell them this via email, do it via a confirmation page like this one.

Easy, right? But few people do it.

I'll go deeper about how to immediately reward listeners (and keep them listening) in the audio version of this newsletter.

Related ... Sable was named after a character in my wife's YA Fantasy novel, Lost Kingdom, which comes out next month. If you'd like to support her positive reinforcement training (a.k.a. dog treats) and see what Bookstagram is talking about, you can pre-order Lost Kingdom for only $2.99.

I thank you and Sable thanks you.

David @ Big Podcast

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