How to Never Miss an Interview

I've done hundreds of interviews over the years, many of them remote and across time zones.

Have you ever been on a cruise ship? When you stop at a destination, regardless of where it is, you work from the ship's time zone. This keeps everybody on the same page and gets them back onboard, before the ship leaves port.

I do something similar. Regardless of where my guest is, we work from Eastern time.

Why? Because most people know the calculation. When you get into Central, Mountain, and the "non-changing" time zones, like Arizona, things get complicated.

And when you get into India Standard Time, which has an extra 30 minutes you'll need to account for, things get really complicated.

Make things easy on yourself. In addition to working from Eastern time, get an automated booking platform, like TidyCal. It's not fancy, but you'll always be on the same page as your guest and know what time to show up.

David @ Big Podcast

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