The "Dirty Secret" of Podcast Advertising

I love podcasting, but it's not the "one true religion" so many people claim.

Nothing ever is.

My goal for the people who hire me, those who read my books, and YOU is to build your authority, increase your impact, and grow your audience. And I do that in whatever ways works.

A quick story...

A well-known (and full-time) podcaster I know had an ad on his podcast that wasn't converting. He was worried about losing the advertisers, so he took the link from his podcast and put it in his newsletter.

BOOM! Response picked up and the advertiser was very happy!

Want sponsors for your podcast? Consider doing a "package deal" that also includes something in your newsletter. Not only will you be able to charge more money, you'll also get your sponsor better results, because people are more likely to click on a link in your newsletter than remember a domain name that was said on your podcast and type it in later.

Like a tree, the best time to start a newsletter was 20 years ago. The second-best time is today.

In this issue, I'm giving you a plan to start your newsletter, come up with great content for it, and get it out to people. Everything you need is here.

I've included a couple of cool "newsletter tools" to make it easier for you to publish a newsletter, but don't think you have to buy anything to do this – you can start a newsletter with the mailing list service you already have. Or even with free accounts from a mailing service like Snovio and a tool to connect it to your website form like Integrately.

Try it. This time is going to pass regardless, so you might as well jump in now, give it a shot, and start attracting new listeners to what you do.

David @ Big Podcast

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