The Non-Podcasting "Podcast Opportunity"

I had something happen recently that I thought was a bit weird at first, then I realized how often it happens. So if something similar has happened to you, I'd love it is you'd reach out to me and let me know, because I'm looking for stories like this for my upcoming book.

In short, I've got an opportunity in front of me that wouldn't have happened had it not been for my podcast.

What is it? Voicing an audiobook trilogy that I didn't write and has absolutely nothing to do with my area of expertise. This company just likes my voice. And I think I'm going to do it, even though the last audiobook I did took me forever.

Why? I like the challenge. And I think the experience will make be better at podcasting – it will definitely make be better when I record the audiobook version of my next book.

Do you have a story of a non-podcasting opportunity that has happened because of your podcast? If so, let me know. I may just put it in my new book.

David @ Big Podcast

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