"Please send questions in advance ..."

I never send questions to a guest before an interview. The big reason I don't is because I find people go through them and over-prepare, then "read the script" during the interview.

A few days ago I talked to a podcaster who does send questions in advance—not every question, but some.

I asked her about this and she has a great reason ...

She interviews authors and said she's had an issue with many of them trying to plug their books too early in the interview. So she gives questions in advance to let them know, yes, she will get to their book, but it's going to be later, after she's introduced them to her audience.

If I send a guest anything in advance, it's a list of topics I want to cover. I want guests to know what they're getting into, but not show up to the interview with a script to read.

Still, to get the best interview possible, a guest needs to be comfortable. And if that means that there are times you need to send exact questions, do it.

But make sure you follow your curiosity and ask questions you come up with during the interview. If you're thinking something would be good to expand on, your guests are as well.

The big lesson here ...

You can "break the rules" of podcasting if you have a good reason for doing so.

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