Make Them Feel You!

Yesterday, I attended a breakfast to support a local newspaper, The Contributor, which is sold throughout the city by street vendors. The mission is to "empower our homeless neighbors to achieve income, dignity, housing and community."

One of the speakers mentioned how easy it is to overlook (or ignore) unhoused people.

This is true. We've all done this. And the city itself helps by keeping these people away from tourist areas.

The Contributor, with a couple of hundred street vendors selling throughout the city, puts "the problem" front and center, so you have to think about it. When you drive through major intersections or grocery parking lots, you're going to see them.

And you may get to know them.

I want you to think about this as it relates to your podcast. What can you do to show up in a way where you can't be ignored? And how can you show up so the people who do see and hear you feel you?

Make them feel you.

Is it scary? It can be. But trust they'll be able to handle it and press forward.

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