You + Them = Bigger Podcasts

I've worked with hundreds of podcasters and something I've noticed is how easy it is to get on the "content treadmill." In other words, we start to think of our podcast as "episodes" rather than who is listening to those episodes.

But your listeners aren't "downloads"—they're real people. And you need to bring them into what you're doing for your podcast to be truly successful.

I recently went to an event for a small podcast. I'd call it a "meetup" as it was pretty unorganized, other than letting people know a place to go and a time to be there.

I was there as an observer. I just wanted to see how they did it.

There was no special presentation, just a few like-minded people getting together. And they didn't talk about the podcast—they talked about themselves and they listened to each other.

Yeah, the podcast had brought them there, but the event was for them. In fact, the podcast was rarely mentioned.

This is what happens when people listen to your podcast (or any podcast), which is why I'm not mentioning the name or topic of the podcast. Regardless of the topic, nobody is ever listening "for the podcast."

But you had several people having a great time and, when they leave, they're all going to talk about the podcast that brought them together.

This is how you build an audience.

More thoughts on this meetup and how you can do one for your podcast in the audio edition of this newsletter.

Until then, some thoughts on branded content, making money with your podcast, and some downsides of being on social media ...

David @ Big Podcast

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