The Best Podcast Format?

Interview-format podcasts have a lot of advantages, but also a lot of disadvantages. For example, not all guests are created equal and scheduling great guests can be difficult at times.

I think this is why so many people who like a "second voice" on their podcasts are moving to a co-hosted format.

I just released a new episode of Build a Big Podcast that's an conversation with Jim Collison, co-host of a few successful podcasts, including Ask the Podcast Coach.

We talk about:

  • finding a great co-host
  • partnership agreements
  • how to come up with great segments
  • reputation management
  • much more ...

Listen to it here.

Do you have a co-hosted podcast? I'm looking for examples to feature in my upcoming book! Reach out to me via Mastodon, Bluesky, or Threads and let me know what you're doing.

David @ Big Podcast

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Podcasting Skews Younger

This isn't anything you haven't heard before or figured out for yourself, but I think it's a great jumping off point to also mention that, as a podcaster, you're a lot different than the "average person."

Most people aren't as familiar with podcasting as you are.

Which means, if we want "more listeners" for our podcasts, we need to make it as easy as possible for them to do so. And for "older" listeners especially, that means ...

  1. Make it easy to subscribe with a simple podcast subscription page.
  2. Have a web-based player on a domain that's easy for people to remember and spell.

Most people who are watching broadcast television and listening to broadcast radio are only tolerating them—they're there because television and radio are easy to access.

Remember that television news host that everybody loved? The one who got fired ...

What was his name? It doesn't matter, because there's some new guy who took his slot that everybody is watching now, because watching "the slot" is easier than figuring out where the old guy went and how to access his new show.

Strive to make listening to your podcast as easy as possible. Then follow these 10 Podcasting Lessons to bring personality to it, so people will follow you wherever you go.

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