Are You Really Listening to Your Guests?

It's common for new podcasters to think a podcast interview is the same as a conversation.

It's not. Interviews have more focus than conversations.

The same is true for one for of the most important skills of a podcast interviewer—listening.

Think about the conversations you've had this week. Few people really listen.

Great interviewers don't just ask questions—your podcast isn't a police interrogation and you're not just looking for "facts." Great interviewing begins before the first question is even asked, when you create an environment where guests feel respected, understood, and free to speak their truth.

When you have these things, "interviews" take care of themselves.

As long as you listen.

To be a better listener, you must fully engage, empathize with the speaker's emotions, and respond thoughtfully. To develop these skills, I highly recommend taking a look at the Imago dialogue framework, which can easily be modified to work with podcast interviews.

David @ Big Podcast

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