Let's think beyond "podcast advertising"

Something I've noticed from a lot of podcasters, and maybe this is because I'm in the business of marketing, is that many are obsessed with trying to make money via advertising.

I get it. People "vote" with their wallets and seeing money come in is one way to know that somebody finds value in what you do.

But money isn't the only signifier of value and "advertising" is just the beginning as far as the money you can make with podcasting.

Not every podcast is a match for "advertising." And not every podcaster needs to worry about being paid directly from a podcast.

Trust me, the money is there, but I encourage you to "play chess" when it comes to making it with your podcast. Most podcasters will find there is a lot more money to be made from merch, associated services, and live appearances than direct advertising.

Just think about it. And if you want to put together a podcast monetization plan, I can help you.

David @ Big Podcast

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