Big vs. Small

If you want to have a big podcast, 99% of the time, when it comes to attracting an audience, you've got to think like a small podcast. But small podcasts can learn a lot from traditional big media as well.

Somebody recently asked me about my experience with podcast networks. To many people, this seems like a great opportunity, just like a major book deal, a record deal, or theater distribution for your movie.

But it's not always as it seems... A few years ago, CBS approached me about getting my podcast on their network.

On one hand, it was thrilling to be asked. I thought about how cool it would be to have the "CBS Eye" on my artwork and how my mother would finally understand what I do for a living.

Then I saw the deal... Not good – it had nothing I wasn't already doing on my own.

But "bad deals" like the one I was offered don't mean that there isn't a lot for us to learn from big media. And that's the focus of this issue of Big Podcast Insider.

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