"Don't you know who I am?!"

It's nice to see people having success online, but I always get a kick out of folks who live in a bubble and think the world is aware of what they're doing, just because they get a few "likes" on a social media post.

I recently heard the story of a well-known podcaster get mad at the receptionist of a hair salon because she didn't know who he was when he walked in.

Boo hoo.

Not everybody has to listen to your podcast (or know who you are) for you to be successful in podcasting, but if you want to go "big" with your podcast, you may find it helpful to expand how you're keeping in touch with listeners and marketing your podcast.

In this episode of Big Podcast Insider, I've got some thoughts on how to use email and texting to better connect with listeners and grow your podcast. I've also got a warning for those who are banking on a single distribution and/or marketing method. I've made that mistake in the past and you definitely don't want to be in that position.

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