The Mashup

I've been playing around Rave DJ, an online tool that lets you take two music videos (or just songs) on YouTube to create a mashup. My first attempt, a mix with Herbie Hancock and City Girls (NSFW!! - YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED), has its moments. Others, like this one with Foghat and War (that should have been called Slow Rider), not so much...

That's how mashups work, in both music and podcasting. Sometimes you make something magical, but other times, you end up with a complete dud.

By the way, the reason "Slow Rider" doesn't work is because the two vocalists are singing at the same time. This is exactly what your podcast sounds like when people talk over each other. Yeah, I said it.

In this issue of Big Podcast Insider, I've got some promo "mashup" examples that are getting big attention right now. But think beyond just a straight promo that gets people talking – you can use the "mashup" concept to bring on guest co-hosts, episode/host hijacks, and so much more.

If you've read my book on podcasting, you know about the "Awesome 3" concept. You can use that here also.

Need more help implementing this? Here's the best way to do it...

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