The "Instant" Audience (and How to Find It)

Believe it or not, there is an existing audience that is dying to hear from you. In this issue of Big Podcast Insider, I show you where to go to find these people and also how to do your research, so you know how to talk to them.

You've probably got a podcast that you just can't wait to listen to – you know when new episodes are released and you're ready for each one.

I want to help you make your podcast the same way. I want to help you find your perfect audience and deliver the exact episodes they want.

Then I want to help you grow that audience.

Ready to get going? Right now, while you're thinking about it, use the "hive" tool I have linked below to find one community to watch over the next few days and really listen to what they're saying.

It sounds easy, doesn't it? It is a simple process, but most podcasters never do it. Instead, they throw "random" episodes in the feed and hope something sticks, which it almost never does.

This is the first part of the process to make your podcast stick. So jump now, before you miss another opportunity.

Need more help? This is the best way to work with me.

David @ Big Podcast

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