Plans Change. People Change. Podcasts Change.

In the previous issue of Big Podcast Insider, I talked about dropping things that aren't working for you, even if they worked for you at one time. Who you are now (hopefully) isn't the same person you were last year – we should be moving forward as people.

This means our work and podcasts will change. And I'll give you an example...

I started a marketing podcast called RED in July 2014. I'd done podcasts before RED, but it was what got me really deep into podcasting (and not just radio).

RED started as a co-hosted podcast. Then I went solo with it. And over the years, I've done a ton of interview-format episodes.

Last month, I decided to stop RED entirely. The final episode will be released next week.

Why? I feel it's time to move forward with other things. Things like this newsletter, a new book on podcasting, and new podcast projects that are entirely different from what I'm currently known for.

This kind of stuff can be scary, which is why I'm bringing it up here – somebody reading this, maybe even you, knows it's time to move forward.

And you can't move forward doing the same thing you've been doing. You have to do something different.

If you're ready to jump into something new, now is a great time to do it. January is the time when people expect this kind of change to happen. You don't have to quit anything to do this, by the way – your "big change" may be putting more gas on the fire.

In this issue of Big Podcast Insider, I've got some opportunities for you to take advantage of in the upcoming year as well as a great, "set-it-and-forget-it" tool that can double your podcast traffic.

David @ Big Podcast

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