New Year, Better Podcast, Old Technology

It's a new year and I'm looking forward to helping you grow your podcast.

What's the first step when it comes to getting more listeners and making more money with your podcasting? Obviously, it's important to have some basic things in order, such as a focused format, clear branding, etc. But even before that, it's important that you are in order.

Look, these next 12 months are going to pass regardless. We can spend them messing around, "pretending" to have a real podcast, or we can get a few simple habits in order that will help us to get better organized, attract better guests, and publish great episodes.

This issue of Big Podcast Insider covers a few basic truths that you need to commit (or recommit) to this year. Especially interesting to me is the CIA manual from World War II that applies to podcasting, even though podcasting wouldn't be invented for another 60 years.

Yes, technology changes and it can be fun to get caught up in the latest shiny object, but what really moves the needle hasn't changed much during the time you and I have been alive and it's almost always better to focus on that.

Let's make it happen!

FUN FACT: The #1 radio mic is over 50 years old. And the #2 radio mic was released in 1973.

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David @ Big Podcast

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