No Hit Podcasts?! Not Exactly...

Everybody and his brother is talking about an article that says there are no hit podcasts. You can see the numbers here.

First of all, who cares? Don't let this stop you from doing what you do.

Second... Of course now! You can't have a "hit" when you compare new media, like podcasting, to old school, broadcast media like television. The only reason broadcast media has "hits" is because those outlets have a big ass antenna that forces their content on people, whether the people want it or not, and because those people don't care enough to get online and search for something else, or simply turn it off.

Most people lead boring lives. And those are the people we count when we calculate "hit" shows.

Why? Because it makes us feel good.

We do it as podcasters too. We count "downloads" instead of people. But just because you get a download for your podcast doesn't mean there is a person listening at the other end.

A serious question... How many of those 100,000 channels you have on your cable subscription do you really want?

And do you really want the "popular" channels and shows? Not really. But most people watch them anyway...if a show (or channel) is their only choice.

Here's how you can tell:

What happens to people like Bill O'Reilly once they leave broadcast radio and television? They disappear. Then some other guy comes along, takes the top slot, and now he's #1.

The slot is why so many people watch Tucker Carlson – it's not because he's good.

The same thing happened when Joe Rogan moved to Spotify. He lost influence and listeners because he no longer had YouTube to recommend/push his videos.

Podcasting brings quality, not necessarily quantity, But don't feel bad for Joe Rogan, because he got paid a ton of money and still has massive influence, because he still has people who care about what he has to say and will search him out.

Unlike Bill O'Reilly. Womp womp.

People listen to podcasts because, to them, podcasts (and podcasters) are great. But if you want an ego stroke with a bunch of sleepwalking people who will watch you (but not really care), by all means go to broadcast and enjoy your "hit."

Keep going!

David @ Big Podcast

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