Your Podcast Success Formula

Valentine's Day is Monday. Gentlemen, get your lady what she wants.

I kid, I kid.

But I'm not kidding about this ...

People like Valentine's Day because it's an opportunity to be appreciated. And as a podcaster, that's something you need to be doing for listeners with every episode you do.

Make them feel something.

That's it. It could be love, value, or appreciation, but the number one thing you can do is make listeners feel understood. Let them know you "get" them.

And don't just do it Valentine's Day, do it every day.

Say what you will about Trump, or Rogan, or Oprah, or AOC, or Tucker, or Delilah, but every single one of these guys does two things:

  1. Flies a flag.
  2. Makes the people who watch/listen to them feel understood.

Do this and you'll have similar success with your audience.

David @ Big Podcast

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