Skip the Video for Remote Interviews

Listed below is some software that will automatically stream your podcast to YouTube, Facebook, and other social media networks. You set up everything once and it does the rest for you.

It works with audio podcasts, but it's made for video.

Lots of "audio software" has added a video component. With the exception of Cleanfeed, all of the major "remote recording" options for podcasters have added video in the last couple of years.

There are some nice advantages to video. For one, tech support is easier – you can see why your guest sounds so bad.

But the disadvantage is that both hosts and guests (but especially guests) approach video interviews completely differently than they do audio.

  1. People "show" instead of tell – and this is an issue when your podcast goes out as audio only and listeners don't know what you're talking about, because you were "showing" in video, not describing for audio.
  2. People are more worried about how they look than what they're saying. Which is perfectly understandable given our "image, not substance" culture. But it doesn't work for audio-only podcasts – you want guests who can deliver in that format.

Streaming video is great, if you want to "play in traffic" and get the crumbs left from top YouTube and TikTok infuencers, but if you really want to go deep with your podcast, it's best to record in the same way you release it.

Terry Gross is considered one of the best radio interviewers of all time.

You know who doesn't use video when recording remote interviews? Terry Gross.

My suggestion is to use video as a tool during remote interviews to introduce yourself and get your guest set up, but when you hit record, go to audio-only mode. Your approach to questions will be different, the answers you get will be more detailed, and you'll end up with a podcast that is much better received by listeners.

Try it. And if you get the streaming software I mention below, use it to stream your audio-only podcast. If streaming to Facebook, this will allow people to put you on in the background while they look at cat photos and rant about politics, giving you much longer engagement than a standard video.

David @ Big Podcast

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