How to "Package" Your Podcast

A Toyota Prius is basically the same thing as a Tesla Model 3 – it's a fuel-efficient car that gets you where you want to go.

The big difference is the packaging. Both make a statement, but you're going to get a different reaction when you show up in a Tesla than you do when you show up in a Toyota.

Something I've found with most of the podcasters I work with is that a few tweaks to the "package" can get big results when it comes to getting the response (and listeners) you want. And sometimes this has a bigger difference to attracting an audience than actually changing anything "under the hood."

In this issue of Big Podcast Insider, I'm focusing on how we package what we do. Sometimes that means delivering content in a certain way, sometimes it means focusing on what to deliver (how we edit). Either way, if you're looking to get more listeners without rearranging everything you have about your current show, you will benefit from this information.

RELATED: Just a couple of days ago, I received the final edit of my upcoming book, which is all about packaging your podcast in a way that will attract listeners. I'm very excited to get this information to you and will have an opportunity for you to get this book free, so watch this space next week.

David @ Big Podcast

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