How World Class Radio Shows (and Podcasts) Get Made

You may not know the name Terry Gross, but you've heard her voice. She radio show she hosts (and produces) for NPR, Fresh Air, is heard on hundreds of stations each week.

I just released a three-part interview with one of her producers, Patty McMahon, who shares the "behind-the-scenes" of producing Fresh Air with me, including stories of Terry Gross' infamous interviews with Gene Simmons and Bill O'Reilly. There's some great stuff for you about how to do better edits, how to get better guests, and how to have longevity in audio production.

Part 1 - Producing Fresh Air and Working with Terry Gross

Part 2 - Gene Simmons vs. Terry Gross

Part 3 - Podcasting vs. Radio Production

In this issue of Big Podcast Insider, I've got some things to help you "do better" when it comes to your podcast. For one, something to help you get clear on your message and let people know what you do – it's a quick video with an easy-to-follow formula. I've also got some thoughts on how to build a big audience, using the "small" audience you already have. And "automated" episode notes ...

FREE BOOK UPDATE: Last week, I mentioned my upcoming book about packaging your podcast in a way that will attract listeners and how I've got an opportunity for you to get it free. Rather than make this process complicated, let's do this – if you're on this list, you'll get notification about how to get the book free. So make sure you open Big Podcast Insider to keep updated.

More details soon. Right now, I'm looking at a June release as I've decided to do an audiobook version as well. Podcasters don't read, you know. :)

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